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About us

We are the shoe company that is founded on believes that add value to you and what you believe in. We believe in you, your choices and values.

We bring product that fits your lifestyle, un-compromised quality, no-nonsense price and a commitment to our world by striving for a zero waste manufacturing process by factories that are as much committed to their employees as they are to their customers.

We want you to b-yourself, b-engaged, b-passionate and live life with values that define you as a person. We believe in right or wrong, not left or right. We believe in being responsible for our planet, we don't debate it - we just know it. We believe in making product that benefits our customers and the communities of the workers that make our shoes. We believe in our commitment to You.

We want to improve your life with better shoes while improving the lives and communities of our workers, which is why our factories have award winning Corporate Responsibility programs and why we are working hard to create a zero waste manufacturing process. We started with our innovations in reducing and re-using our rubber waste in a way that is both innovative and ground breaking and as a result our outsoles are made up from 30% to 50% of DE vulcanized rubber. We believe that packaging is a big part of the solution and we are working on programs that will reduce our packaging by 30%.

In short.... Unbelievable product and value for affordable prices, a keen focus on the environment in every step of the process and a commitment to you and what you believe in.

b-Yourself | b-Engaged | b-Fearless | b-Burnetie