Snow boots

Snow boots

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About us

Founded in 2006 with the mission to make high quality footwear, Burnetie is a shoe company that promises you comfortable, stylish and lightweight shoes that fit your lifestyle.  We support your footwear choices with un-compromised quality and value. We believe in making a product that benefits our customers, our employees, and the world community by striving for a zero waste manufacturing process. Our shoes and our programs help you to b-Comfortable | b-Yourself | b-Green | b-Burnetie

 At Burnetie, we uphold a strong commitment to b-Green.  Our factories have award winning corporate responsibility programs.  We are focusing our efforts on reducing and re-using rubber waste in a way that is both innovative and groundbreaking. As a result, our outsoles are made from 30% to 50% de-vulcanized rubber. We also consider packaging a big part of the solution to our b-Green effort. We continue to improve and to find new and unique programs that reduce packaging.

 Burnetie:  Unbelievably comfortable and fabulous shoes, providing value with a strong commitment to the environment in every step of the way.

 b-Comfortable | b-Yourself | b-Green| b-Burnetie